Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sunday...casual sunday...

Every Sunday...my husband takes me to breakfast
 before beginning his day on the farm.
Prior to beginning this blog...I made a smaller attempt
to make myself "presentable" to the breakfast crowd...
well...for the most part...
casual for me...still entails big hair...
too-much eyeliner...and full-on jewelry.

But...now that I have you to dress for...
I thought I should take it up a notch...
so I returned to the part of my closet that I had
abandoned since moving out here...skirts!
I want to thank those of you that do check in on me and my blog…
leaving such nice comments…
and to those that inspire me through your own blogs...
you don’t know how much it means to me…
(and to my closet)

Denim jacket…Levi
Scarf...The Limited
Boots…Apostrophe (Sears)*
Clutch…Jessica Simpson
Jewelry…XOXO watch,
Daisy Fuentes (Kohls) bracelets,
& Target ring

*Correction: boots are from Sears, not JCPenneys.


  1. I love reading your blogs....are you kidding? I moved here from the Northern Suburbs of Detroit. There is NO shopping here....thoughtI was in the twighlight zone.....I can relate!

    I'm getting used to the "quieter" life.....I know I can always go back for action if I want it....hehehe.

  2. You always look so completely chic! Youve got to put together a hair tutorial because it always looks salon-fresh. This silhouette is so flattering! your husband is a lucky guy that you put so much into looking nice for him. (were lucky, too!)

  3. I bet you wowed them at breakfast in this outfit....love the skirt print...you look great hunnie:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    I am now the NEWS EDITOR for Style Sample Magazine♥

  4. girl, how do you get such great volume with your hair? i can tease my hair forever and it just doesnt stay!

  5. You look fab! Outfit, accessories .... love, love AND your hair - super love it! Please give us a tutorial.

  6. SO glad you got back into your skirts because this one... it's stellar. Oh yes. I love this. I'd snatch it right off your body! It's always nice to get a little fancy for no good reason but to be fancy. Sunday brunch is no exception. :)

  7. You look gorgeous, love that skirt! xx