About Me

Four years ago, I married my husband, a small and large animal veterinarian, and we moved to a small farm in a rural, largely Amish community…fashion suicide!? Up til now I was a career woman with a killer closet always on-the-go…now I was a stay-at-home dog mom with a killer closet (I must say a 10x10 leopard carpet, cherry cabinets, ottoman in the center custom closet (in our 1840 farmhouse), so I can’t complain!?)…but no place to go!? So..at first… I attempted to “fit in” …this meant days wearing nothing but fleece and denim…and dare I say, tennis shoes!? Something I would never…I mean NEVER…be seen in (with jeans!?!) back home amongst those who knew me. Needless to say…I spent most days at home…unseen...and unfulfilled. Fortunately...this didn't last long...I’ve never been one to conform...and began incorporating a little leopard here…a little sequin there… when we made our weekly trip to town for groceries and lunch. Yes, I must admit I was a bit over-dressed for aisles of canned vegetables and the salad bar. 
 In the meantime, I’ve made some creative and unique friends that I may have never met in my previous world. I’ve learned to sculpt, paint, sew, and design jewelry…which you will see some of my own jewelry and purse designs throughout my blog. I have also learned to see the beauty in more than a great pair of shoes or a designer bag…there is also the beauty of a watching a baby duck peeking out of it’s shell for the first time or the colors of a freshly picked batch of veggies from the garden. So, whether you’re kicking off your boots or donning your finest satin and rhinestone pumps, please take the time to follow me on my adventures as…the farmgirl fashionista.