Monday, April 18, 2011

the pajama project...april issue

When M over at Twenty York Street mentioned
doing the easiest blog project ever…
I was ecstatic to share my most favorite type of “outfit!”

I’ve never aspired to rise with the Rooster…
I don’t wake up…throw on boots…till the fields…
and spend the morning canning the day’s pick.
(I’m sure this surprises no one?!)
I would like to lead you to believe that this is how I spend my days…
(I would like to believe this as well!?!)
  But...this is it...and..
in pursuit of this dream of a more glamorous life...
I purchased a couple pairs of silky, menswear-inspired pjs.
Just like in my reality of life on a farm...
I’ve had to compromise between what I’d envisioned and what I have…
and I think these pjs are going to fit in just fine!
And…so are these adorable Yorkie slippers…
not so glamorous…but oh, so cute!!
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1.      All you have to do is every first and third Monday
               submit your post* to The Pajama Project (TPP).
               *See the “Mr. Linky” below!
2.      Add the TPP button on your blog.
3.      Sit back and relax…it’s the easiest blog project ever!!
Administrative Details:
First Monday…post at 20 York Street
Third Monday…post here at The Farmgirl Fashionista
(I hope it works…bear with me as I’m not all that tech-savvy!?)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it's here...the pajama project

Without further ado...let us officially welcome you to...drum roll please...
The Pajama Project!
In honor of those days that you just don't feel like dressing up…
you don't know how to dress up…or want to bother…
and those moments when all you want to do is be cozy and comfortable!
Put on the fleece, cottons, plaids, slippers, sleep masks, tank tops, yoga pants…
it could be breezy and laid back or sexy and made up!
You can keep it as real and as comfortable as possible!
 This is to showcase that other dimension of you…
the one without the high fashion, fancy shoes...
or matching purse and accessories!
Or…you can take this exciting opportunity to play dress up!
The rules are pretty simple!
Feel free to be creative and let your imagination run wild!
We promised this is going to be easy!!

All you have to do is that every first and third Monday
submit your post to The Pajama Project (TPP)!
A button, courtesy of the very talented
Kimmie of Blue Paper Lanterns,
 is required to be displayed at your blogs
to be an official member of the TPP!

To make everything simple…
a linky tool will be added to the post on Monday…
 so you can link your TPP Blog Post!

So, you have 7 days for your first post!
We are eagerly awaiting your very first entry on April 4, 2011!!

Administrative details:
First Mondays of the Month…
please post your TPP entry at 20 York Street.
On Third Mondays….
please post it here at The Farmgirl Fashionista!

Friday, March 11, 2011

it's almost here...the easiest blog project ever

I know the suspense must be killing you!?
It is killing me…and I’m in on the “secret!!”
Believe me…
It’s not been a challenge for me at all these days to participate!?
Please check out Marilou’s post over at Twenty York Street
for the details on “The Easiest Blog Project Ever!!”

Monday, March 7, 2011


As some of you may have noticed...I’ve been absent from blogging.
(at least I hope someone noticed?!) 
Not sure if it’s that I’m truly sad…or if it’s just S.A.D??
(Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder)
I’ve been trying to decide if I should even continue to blog??
I started this as a way to share my new life on the farm…
as well as…inspire me to have
some sort of more fashionable life out here!?!
It’s been a struggle…to say the least.
So…I’ve found myself looking for a way to express myself…
through retail therapy…this could be dangerous?!

If by chance…this is simply seasonal…
and I continue to share my not-so-exciting life with you…
you may see some of these fabulous Express looks on
Yours Truly!

Many thanks go out to you that have stuck this out with me!!

*All looks are courtesy of*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

don't miss the easiest blog project ever...

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just a reminder about the Easiest Blog Project Ever!!
We only need THREE more to make 100 fabulous participants!!
Then we’ll be ready to let you in on our little secret!

Please sign up here…by me leaving a comment…
or leave a comment at 20 York Street.

You don’t want to sleep through this one!! ;-)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week by QVC...

For those of us unable to make this week’s
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week…
QVC offers a glimpse into some of the
 finery & festivities going on this week in NYC!!

Here are some of the looks that I’m coveting…

Meghan Fabulous Printed Goddess Dress
Andrew Geller Boot
*I have these in “my cart”…
just trying to figure out where I could actually wear them?! 

Dennis Basso Printed Top & Twill Skirt
*Wishing I had a job that I could actually wear this to…
well sorta…on the whole “job wish” thing?! ;-)

K-Dash by Kardashian Cargo Romper
Kathy Van Zeeland Pumps
*So...wishing I could wear this right now...
but it’s only 15 degrees outside?!
Entire look by LOGO by Lori Goldstein
*Another great stylist/designer that caters to us “farmgirls”
(the photo has a white border..not a layout error :)

You can find these looks and others online at
Also…tune in to their LIVE broadcast from NYFW...
February 11 & 12th at 10pm EST
See you there!! ;-)

~Photos courtesy of QVC~

Saturday, February 5, 2011

farmgirl and gold

In honor of this weekend’s Super Bowl…
I thought I’d take the opportunity to debut
some of my self-designed jewelry in
Black and Gold.
Sorry…football fans…no Green and Gold pieces…
even though it has sparked some ideas for future pieces…
as green is my favorite color!
I pick up most of my jewelry components
 at  Joann or Hobby Lobby.
For these pieces…
I purchased some clearance jewelry
from a department store for these fabulous gold chains!
Even though craft stores offer a great selection…
 clearance racks can offer some fabulous components…
 it  just takes a bit of imagination!

Go Steelers! Go Packers!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

simply vera by vera wang spring 2011 collection...

Living out here…it’s rather difficult to find designer duds…
so I adore designers that come to us!
I could easily go online
or make expensive designer purchases while traveling…
what would be the point of that when a majority of my life
 entails a trip to the local market or working at the clinic? 
But…I do like to look fashionable…
without worrying so much about ruining a pricey designer item.
So…for all those fellow farming fashionistas…
I wanted to share a few of my favorite looks
The looks I’ve chosen include several of the same pieces…
making it easy to mix and match from head-to-toe…
creating a fabulous spring wardrobe!
Enjoy! I know I will!!

~All images are courtesy of

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i am a winner...?!

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts…
been feeling like more of a loser than a winner.
I struggle to find reasons to actually get dressed out here.
(which is why I started this blog!?)
I wasn’t anticipating how the weather would further affect this?! 
Sooo…how excited was I…
while partaking in my morning tea and blog-reading…
 I read MY name (seen here) as the winner of a fellow blogger’s give-a-way!?
to Lisa of Archives Vintage Shop & Style Blog!!
She’s such a doll and a great inspiration…
please visit her blog and Etsy store!!

I promise I’ll get dressed…so I can show off my new jewels!! ;-)

~Photo courtesy of Archives~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

it's bathtime...and the easiest blog project ever...

I loooove baths!!
So much…that our master bath was the first room done in our house.
( really wasn’t by choice…but I didn’t mind?!)
Therefore…I was so happy to assist my friend,
 in reviewing her all-natural bath and body products!
Unfortunately…Bianca (last seen here) found them…
so the beautiful wrapping is missing?!
But…you can always stop over at Terri’s website
and see even more of her fabulous finds!

Along with unwinding in a bath…
I am also working on the most relaxing blog project ever…
 with the fabulous and fashionable bloggerista over at Twenty York Street!

It’s so easy…it shouldn’t even be called a challenge...
don’t wait to sign up…
it will more of a challenge to not be a part of it!
Believe me…you could do this with your eyes closed!?! ;-)

So if you want to be a part of "The Easiest Blog Project Ever"...
leave me a comment!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Twenty York Street: Did Someone Say Give-Away?

Another fabulous friend with a great giveaway! Don't I have the nicest friends? I will share with you...even though...I'd really like to have it all for myself!! =)

Twenty York Street: Did Someone Say Give-Away?: "Banana Republic'sAriel Braid and Chains Necklace Overview: Poly-satin ribbon. Base metal setting. 12k gold plated. Spring ring closure...."

I’m in the mood for miniskirt suits too…

How psyched was I…
 when I came across an article in Lucky Magazine’s January issue...
 on the return of the miniskirt suits!!
This suit is practically vintage... as I’ve had it for close to 15 years?!
When it passed its style-prime…I couldn’t bear to let it go!
And even though it’s from Maurices…
I considered it an investment piece based on my income at the time.
I ran to the upstairs closet…
where all the “I know it will come back in someday” pieces call home…
(I may be on Hoarders some day?!)
I found it still in like-new condition after all these years!!
I may change out the buttons though.
I thought I’d update it with the textured tights, socks, and boots…
new to this trend…hope I did it ok…go easy on me?! ;-)

This necklace (purchase here) was a birthday present
 from my husband last year…
a heart engraved with a photo of my beloved Binx & Bianca.
I attached it to a sterling silver toggle-chain
as inspired by Tiffany & Co.
Speaking of my beloved…Bianca couldn’t pass a photo-op!
Once the snow subsides…I plan to brighten the suit up with a
crisp white blouse, silver-stud belt, and booties!

I do feel Lucky!!

Miniskirt Suit…Maurices (vintage-esque)
Tights…Simply Vera (Kohls)
Socks…Forever 21
Boots…Curations (HSN)
Coat...Apt.9 (Kohls)
Crossbody bag…Jessica Simpson
Jewelry…Express earrings, Mia Pata Designs necklace,
Kohls ring, NY&Co watch, self-designed ACHS bracelet,
Tiffany&Co bridal set


Statements in Fashion: ~ Lulus Giveaway........Shoe Envy ~

Check out my friend Collette's Lulus Giveway!!
She's a fabulous blogger...definitely want to follow her...wherever she goes!! =)

Statements in Fashion: ~ Lulus Giveaway........Shoe Envy ~: " How many times a day would you say that you are browsing the internet and come across an item you wish you could share with every s..."

Monday, January 10, 2011

dark and stormy...

Dark and stormy...
just isn't describing the weather!?
My husband decided I needed to get out and see a movie…
maybe cheer me up a bit.

I was definitely in a dark mood
and it reflected in my choice of outfit for the evening...
dark accessories...
I usually prefer to add bling and sparkle to such dark pieces.

 I guess this could’ve been a bit of a strong, sexy look…
which is why I hesitated on keeping the sweater after I purchased it…
I'm not strong nor sexy?!
But it felt soft, comfy, and somber that night...
I hope to incorporate it into my wardrobe in a lighter, softer way though?!
Thoughts? Suggestions? (the black ribbon belt is attached)
We saw “The Tourist” and my disposition improved…
it was Johnny and Angelina!?!

Side note:
These were taken a week or so ago...hence the lack of snow?!

Clutch…Jessica Simpson
Jewelry…Express necklace..
earrings ??..Kohls ring