Monday, April 18, 2011

the pajama project...april issue

When M over at Twenty York Street mentioned
doing the easiest blog project ever…
I was ecstatic to share my most favorite type of “outfit!”

I’ve never aspired to rise with the Rooster…
I don’t wake up…throw on boots…till the fields…
and spend the morning canning the day’s pick.
(I’m sure this surprises no one?!)
I would like to lead you to believe that this is how I spend my days…
(I would like to believe this as well!?!)
  But...this is it...and..
in pursuit of this dream of a more glamorous life...
I purchased a couple pairs of silky, menswear-inspired pjs.
Just like in my reality of life on a farm...
I’ve had to compromise between what I’d envisioned and what I have…
and I think these pjs are going to fit in just fine!
And…so are these adorable Yorkie slippers…
not so glamorous…but oh, so cute!!
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3.      Sit back and relax…it’s the easiest blog project ever!!
Administrative Details:
First Monday…post at 20 York Street
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