Saturday, November 13, 2010

under construction...

When I decided to start a blog it was with the
intention of posting 3-5 times a week.
Since then…I’ve been under the weather…
and now under construction.
More common for other bloggers…typically…I don’t have
to worry about posing awkwardly in front of strangers…
even though posing for my husband is never easy?!
This past week our farm has been quite the hub for
the local Amish as we begin the outside
remodel of our 1840 log cabin.
 Today was the first day that I could get out of my house
through an actual door…not a window…(don’t get me started?!)
but we also had the farm all to ourselves…
and the first thing I wanted to do…

Skinny jeans…NY&CO
Bag…Gretta (QVC)
Jewelry…Rachel Rachel Roy earrings…XOXO watch,
vintage & Premier bracelets, Premier ring
Toenail polish...For Audrey by China Glaze


  1. Super cute outfit! That sweater and shirt are so perfect together! Great jeans too.

  2. Love your casual chic outfit...and Id LOVE to take you to F21 with me....anyday doll:)

    Stop by and say Hello♥

    I’m an MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!♥

  3. LOVE your snakeskin clutch!!!!

    i have the worst time posing when my bf takes pics awkward!! hehe. thats why i invested in a tripod and remote! :)

    can we get a before/after of the cabin-to-house transformation when its all said and done? i am dying to see!!! hope you can continue to use doors and not windows..?!?!? :(

  4. I don't get caught either taking pictures of myself. At least during the winter when our immediate neighbor flees to Arizona. But I don't have my husband take my picture very often, like you and archives I feel so awkward posing for him! I like the sweater/shirt combo. Very crisp.


  5. Great outfit!! I love your style, and talking about farm, love the cabin to house transformation, love to see the pictures

  6. Cute outfit. Love the bag and the title of your blog!

  7. really good outfit!