Monday, December 6, 2010

seasonably casual....

To help put me in the holiday spirit…
I accepted an invitation to attend
the Madigral Feaste at a local university
 with eleven fabulous ladies.
(It was dark & we stayed indoors...
Bianca didn't miss the opportunity!)
It was a magnificent event filled with song, improv, and delicious food
 put on by the university’s theatre and music departments. 
Originally…I had planned a Jester-inspired dress…
as the evening was to be full of medieval-style entertainment...
then I re-read the invite shortly before leaving…
it read “seasonably casual”??
Knowing where I live and what that meant…
I thought “I don’t own a jingle bell sweater?!”
And was at an absolute loss of what
 “seasonably casual” would be in my closet??
Plus…I relish any opportunity I receive to put on a dress
 and feel all glamorous!?
I settled on this red and black plaid skirt…seasonably…check!
Added a denim jacket…casual...check! 
Christmas bulb-like necklace...totally seasonably...check!
Headed out the door…after kissing the “kids.”
Happy Holidays!!

Also...I was so happy I dug out the floral pins...they prompted a conversation
with a young lady that recently moved out here...she and her
sister enjoy designing stockings, pins, and hairbands.
I hope to feature their fabulous pieces on my blog!

Turtleneck sweater…Kohls
Denim jacket…Levis
Plaid skirt…small boutique in Florida(?)
Tights…Apt. 9 (Kohls)
Boots…Apostrophe (Sears)
Jewelry… Jus Jewelry necklace,
Target ring, NY&CO watch


  1. ha! jingle bell sweater. i've definitely never heard of "seasonably casual: either. whatever it is, i think you've mastered it! :)

  2. I love your outfit! The plaid skirt is very festive! Your "kids" are adorable!

  3. I love your interpretation of "seasonably casual"! I have no idea if it matches what they meant, but there is nothing wrong about this outfit! :) Those boots are just fabulous too, and I love everything about this outfit!! Super cute! I would totally wear this! Love it! :)

  4. I love this look, it's exactly what you wanted it to be: a casual look for the holidays. That necklace is gorgeous, a perfect accessory for this time of year (and all the others, too). Your hair and makeup always look awesome!

  5. Such a winter appropriate outfit :) I really love the plaid skirt with the high boots.

  6. FABULOUS!!!!
    Love this look - I must try to create it for myself!!! Keep up the great posting. And, love your "kids" - adorable. I have two little Mauxies and they are my "empty nest" pups! Love Love!

  7. amazing photo!!Love this look of yours! you look so beautiful! great shoes!love every piece of this outfit!! great styling!