Saturday, December 4, 2010

currently obsessing over...short, frilly skirts

Inspired by a couple of my favorite bloggers…
my latest obsession has become
short, frilly skirts.
Formerly…I had a career in banking…
so I was accustomed to wearing skirts.
Typically…knee-length accompanied by a matching blazer.
Don’t doubt that I tried to mix it up as often as possible
 with a brightly-colored cardigan and camisole…
much to my boss’ dismay.

Til now…I had not found a suitable, comfortable option
that would work within my new lifestyle…
until now!!
Along with the denim mini seen (here)…
My latest purchases have been short, frilly, floral skirts…
(even though it’s almost winter?!)
That I pair with layered tights (for extra warmth)…
wooly sweaters…comfy (snow-friendly) boots…
and I feel at ease…warm…yet chic!

Sweater vest…Forever 21
Turtleneck sweater…Kohls
Belt…The Limited
Skirt…Charlotte Russe
Tights…Apt.9 (Kohls)
Boots…Curations (HSN)
Bag…Kathy Van Zeeland
Jewelry…XOXO watch, Modcloth earrings,
Daisy Fuentes? (Kohls) bracelet, Target ring

(these earrings from Modcloth are an OCD moment as well)


  1. those earrings are awesome!! I love quirky jewelry. Also, the sweater vest over that turtleneck is perfection!

  2. I just found your blog, and I hope its okay for me to comment!! But I just want to say I love this outfit! Those earring are super cute, the skirt is adorable and those boots are fabulous with all the black!! :)

  3. What a great post of yours! very chic outfit! love the mix of textures and colors! love your styling! you've got amazing taste! familiar earrings!!!

  4. Farmgirl does it again! Another great outfit post - love your style. Really lovin the sweater vest and bracelet!

  5. I love little clever earrings! And fuzzy vests... but those earrings may haunt me.

  6. I love this entire outfit...very cute!