Monday, March 7, 2011


As some of you may have noticed...I’ve been absent from blogging.
(at least I hope someone noticed?!) 
Not sure if it’s that I’m truly sad…or if it’s just S.A.D??
(Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder)
I’ve been trying to decide if I should even continue to blog??
I started this as a way to share my new life on the farm…
as well as…inspire me to have
some sort of more fashionable life out here!?!
It’s been a struggle…to say the least.
So…I’ve found myself looking for a way to express myself…
through retail therapy…this could be dangerous?!

If by chance…this is simply seasonal…
and I continue to share my not-so-exciting life with you…
you may see some of these fabulous Express looks on
Yours Truly!

Many thanks go out to you that have stuck this out with me!!

*All looks are courtesy of*


  1. SHAWNETTE! i have missed your voice and posts around here! was so happy to see you pop up on my bloglovin!

    well, obv you should do what is best for you....but i would be sad (not S.A.D.!) if you stopped blogging. i would love to see pics of the farm! how is progress going on the house? i totally saw your AMAZING closet on FB. you should introduce your readers to it! if i remember correctly, you designed it yourself, right? how lucky you are! i'd do anything to be out of our little shoebox condo. just let me know when you want to trade lives - i'm ready! ;) hope you're feeling better soon! winter will be over before you know it - spring is just around the corner my dear!


  2. I hope you continue to blog, if for no other reason than to let us in on your adjustment to rural life. Ive enjoyed your style, which is so glaringly juxtaposed with your location, and Im jealous of your gorgeous setting for photos. BUT if blogging is no longer enjoyable, then I hope you find something that is! You're fabulous, though, so I hope to see more of your style in the future.

  3. Great looks! I love Express. Hopefully you cheer up soon.

  4. Wow hunnie..sure hope you are not gone for good, I'd miss ya:(

    Stop by and say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  5. Loooove the Boho chic trend great selection!!!